Common Questions

Is there a perfect time to do newborn photos? When should I schedule them in?

I photograph newborns from 1 week up to 8 weeks. Anything older than this and they are more alert, and a little harder to get into the sleepy curly positions. I recommend booking in your session before baby is born, however I do often have availability at short notice, so if baby has already arrived, please don't hesitate to ask.

When should I schedule a maternity session?

I recommend scheduling your maternity session anywhere from 33-36 weeks, just in case of weather reschedules and baby arriving early of course. We can also do them later too if you wish, it's entirely up to how comfortable you are feeling.

How long does a newborn session take?

I let your little one set the pace of the session, which means it could take as little as 1-2 hours if they are sleeping peacefully through the whole thing, or longer if needed. For twins I allow 3 hours. I allow plenty of time for feeding and settling if required, we are in no rush.

How long does a maternity session take?

Maternity sessions are usually between 45 mins to 1.5 hours long. If there are other children and family involved, I find they are usually best in the first 45 mins.

You come to our home, how much space do you need and what about light?

Yes I bring everything I need with me. A spot in your house that lets in a large amount of light away from direct sun, is the best place. The brightest room - maybe a nursery, lounge area or similar area with a big floor to ceiling window or ranchslider. Usually not too much space is needed, but I may need to slightly move a lounge suite chair if possible. 3x3m of clear space is a good indicator and as close to that glass as possible. For family images I use a plain wall in your home, preferably white, cream or grey. If you feel your house may be too dark, please discuss this with me prior.
The room should be warm, and heating may be required to get it to a warmer than normal temperature. Around 27 deg is a good starting point. I have a heater I bring along too. Keep the air conditioning OFF in Summer

Where do we do the maternity session? Can you do those in my home too?

I specialise in doing maternity sessions outdoors, chasing that beautiful afternoon light/sunset where we can. The location is usually discussed with you upon booking. I have many secret spots that we can find one close by or dependent on the look you are after. I can do an indoor maternity session too, if your home is suitable. This would have a more studio look to the images.

Will you photograph our family and other siblings?

For families that include other siblings, I love to reserve some shots at the beginning or the end of the session to document the bond between the older children and the new baby. I keep this short, and then suggest they are occupied in another room while we work with just baby. If they are happy to play quietly, I have no problem with them staying around, but loud noises should be avoided if possible, just to ensure we get the best out of your session. I include immediate family only in your newborn session (parents, siblings and grandparents), however if there are going to be a large number of extended family present, please advise me prior so I can make sure we have minimal distractions for your session and it will run smoothly.

What happens if my baby, children or other family members are sick when we schedule session? Are you vaccinated?

Your baby’s safety and health is my number one priority during the session. These things happen, so if you or someone who is due to be at the session is unwell, please let me know in advance as we may need to reschedule the session or make other arrangements. I have other clients with newborn babies that I need to be mindful of also and if I myself fall sick, I may then have to reschedule a lot of other sessions. I am fully vaccinated against Whooping Cough.

What do we wear for our session?

Your baby will not be wearing clothes for their session, they will be wrapped with only their nappy on, so no need to worry about anything fancy. Dress your baby in a simple layer of clothing that is easy to remove once they are fed. Clothing for mum & dad – Simple is typically best. Wear clothing that flatters your figure. I recommend light neutral colours such as cream, beige, white, light grey etc. Darker colours can be quite distracting particularly if you want black and white images. Ensure both mum and dad are wearing similar colours that compliment each other. Plain without distracting patterns or logos is best. I have a studio wardrobe of dresses available for maternity sessions if you wish.

Can I request specific poses & photos?

Please familiarise yourself with my gallery and style if you haven’t already, this will give an overview of what your session will look like – colours, tones, wrapping etc : GALLERY HERE
I will typically use 2-3 colours in your session with beanbag and prop setups for each colour. I love that you have booked me for my art and as such I have my own unique images that I create without copying others that may have been seen on Pinterest etc. Please understand if I’m not able to replicate these.

I have a workflow that I will go through with your baby, but I do not guarantee specific poses. I will try my best to achieve similar poses you have seen in my portfolio but this is very dependent on how settled baby is, as some positions require the baby to be completely relaxed and asleep for safety (eg the tummy pose). Some babies will be comfy on their back only, and wont like being on their tummy etc. I want your baby to be comfortable at all times and they dictate how the session will run. I will not force them into anything for the sake of a photo. Your baby’s safety is my highest priority and as such I will not do any hanging or balancing photos with your baby. I understand you may have seen some gorgeous images online, such as the froggy pose, but these are usually highly edited images with the use of assistants and these are not something I include in my work. I have many other gorgeous positions I put your baby in.

When will our photos be ready?

Each image from your session is individually processed & edited with care. Your gallery of images will be ready for you approximately 1 month after your session.

Do you offer printed product as well as the digital files?

Yes, I have a range of fine art, photo and canvas prints available, along with beautiful bespoke albums. Please ask for a copy of the price list.

How do I book in?

A $150 retainer deposit is paid to confirm your booking and the balance of your photography collection is due the day of your session. Payment can be made via bank transfer, card online, Afterpay or cash on the day. I also ask you to fill in an onling booking agreement form with your details and then your booking is confirmed. I make a note of your baby's due date in my calendar, and then once they arrive we book a date and time that suits.